Egypt Culture and customs

Egypt's culture is a unique blend of antiquity and modernity.

Egypt Culture and customs

Egypt's culture is a unique blend of antiquity and modernity. Egyptians are very proud of their ancient heritage, and with such iconic monuments, impressive art and unique architecture, it's no wonder Egyptians are as mesmerised as foreigners are.

Just as in ancient times, religion plays a large part in daily life with most Egyptians being either Sunni Muslim or Coptic Christian. Much of life revolves around daily prayer and religious holidays, with Ramadan and Eid being the most important events in the calendar for Muslims.

Ornate mosques and historic churches can be found almost everywhere in Egypt, and serve as important places of worship as well as social meeting points. The influence of modern Western culture is particularly evident in large cities likes Cairo and Alexandria, with television, radio and internet all bringing pop culture, fashion and literature to Egypt.

Despite this, Egypt clings strongly to tradition with family still being at the top of most Egyptians' priorities. Loyalty to ones family, respect for elders and honouring ancestors are hallmarks of Egyptian life. Food is another important part of Egyptian culture with traditional Middle Eastern fare being prepared and served in most family homes, restaurants and markets.

Food is also the focal point of most celebrations, as is music - with modern Egyptians keeping folk music traditions alive by playing Arabic instruments like the oud at weddings and other celebrations. To get the true picture of Egyptian culture and customs, be sure to sample local delicacies, listen to traditional music often played in cafes and restaurants, and chat with locals who wish to share their stories and lives with you. Some Intrepid trips offer the rare chance to stay with a local family - what better way to experience local life?

Best time to visit Egypt

Egypt is blessed with lots of sunshine and very little rain. Generally, the hottest months are June to August, and the coolest month is January. Rainfall is negligible, except on the coast, with rain usually occurring during the winter months (December to March). Read more..